Curtis Ellis,  Jr.

Personal Background    

Curtis Ellis Jr. has been deeply involved in music ministry since the young age of 18.  A native of Shreveport Louisiana, he left home to pursue better job opportunities in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  He attended DeVry Institute of Technology where he studied Information Systems, and also took College courses in Video Lighting and Visual Arts.  Currently, he is employed at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. While he rather be working in the music field, he works as unto the Lord and knows that even his job is his mission field.  He is happily married and his wife's name is Debora Regina Ellis who writes most of the lyrics for JCpro and together they have two sons, Ezekiel and Elijah.  His hobbies include spending time with his family, recording, producing, and engineering music using computer intensive software, and creating new sounds into apple loops. He also contributes his time and skills to For His Glory Ministries by recording and producing audio/video podcasts and editing & formatting the video for DVD with effects, chapters, titles, slideshows, etc.  Besides music production, he enjoys reading, learning, exercising, and writing.

Mission Description

To put it briefly, both Curtis& Debbie   are people after God's own heart.  They desire to please their heavenly Father in all that they do.  Those who know them know their zeal to be a witness for the Lord. Their hearts are to reach people with their God-given talents and gifts, especially the youth of today.  Yet, the music is attractive to older generations, as well.  It is because of the content within the music which is of utmost importance, and not the music itself. People of all ages have expressed their appreciation of their Word-based lyrics.  The lyrics are without a doubt the key component of what they are doing.  Simply put, without The Word of God, there is NO LIFE. Many people have commented that because of the bad reputation that rap has, they do not listen to or enjoy it. Yet, most say they have been very moved and even enjoy this particular rap medium because of the spirit in which it is presented. It is as attractive to youth as it is to people of older age groups. This is not the typical Christian rap music. Nothing the world gives will ever bless the Heart of God. To imitate the world is to bring strange fire before the Lord. In fact, JCpro Music Group nor Lyrics For The Lord LLC are associated with Hip-Hop music, artists or any entity from the hip-hop community.  It is their hope that Believers will hear/see the difference between that lifestyle and one of complete separation from the world.  They believe that for the Church to mix with The World is dangerous and shuns The Spirit of God. God called us out of Egypt. With that in mind, they hope to bridge the gap for parents and kids, and even grandparents and their grandkids because of the transparent, unwatered down, heartfelt sincerity that comes across in the music.  Curtis and Debbie wish to take this powerful message to the "Called Out” ones of today for such a time as this.  Their theological understanding is WORD based and not denominational.  Their beliefs are based on basic Christian foundational doctrine with an emphasis on the understanding and teaching of Christianity's Hebraic Roots.  They believe that the Church should not be a religious system or a lifeless body, but is called to be a living organism.  They believe that the members of Christ’s body are Living Stones who are "Called Out" to be bold, compassionate, self-sacrificing and zealous people for YHWH and His Word.  Many Churches today are spiritually dead because they’ve placed Agag the King of the Amalekites (I Samuel 15) along side The King of Kings. Mixing the pure with the unholy is an evil that reasons with the Believer saying, “surely the bitterness of death is past”. Compromise is rampant throughout the Church today. The  Church is a place of set apart WORSHIP. JCpro believes that we should be like the early Christians who were known as “People of The Way”. This philosophy is expressed in the lyrics to one of their songs, "the Church of that day had  contagious appeal, because their faith was real, in times of persecution, the Church multiplied, showing love for each other and they led pure lives, they were willing to die for His name's sake, this is the foundational basis of our faith." They believe that it is Messiah’s example that we must follow and also that of the disciples too, who took up their crosses even unto the point of death.  They hope this music encourages Believers to be spirit-led, and a pure and faithful bride in these last days.